MONTREAL—Two retired horse breeders are relieved to have saved their animals from the slaughterhouse.

Daniel Joubert and his wife Sylvia Lepage couldn't afford the $700 per month to feed the horses, so in a desperate attempt to save them, held an Adopt-a-Horse event Saturday.

It was a success.

Dozens of people came out to save the 15 American Appaloosas on a farm in Tres-Saint-Redempteur, near Rigaud, where almost every horse found a sponsor to keep it alive.

Some people also offered bales of hay and volunteer services.

“I'm really overwhelmed by all the people here today,” said Joubert.

Horse lover Kerri Fenoff organized the event to save the animals.

“I just asked some friends to come over and help with the barn, and it kept growing and growing and growing,” she said.

Over the next 18 months, sponsors can come over, spend some time with the horses and if they chose to adopt them, they can.

Lise Lalonde sponsored Totem.

“I'm  figuring this is a good opportunity to learn about them from people, to care about them, and do good at the same time,” she said.