Ville St-Laurent believes it’s discovered the future of street signs and that future is big and it’s blue.

On Thursday, the borough released the results of a pilot project aimed at making street’s safer. The project involved testing a variety of new street signs of varying sizes, colours, lettering and reflective surfaces.

The project was conducted at the behest of the City of Montreal, whose transport department made the request of the borough in 2015.

The winner, which was tested at 15 intersections throughout the borough, is larger than the old street signs, with a blue background and large, white lettering. Similar signs have been tested in Ottawa, Toronto and Los Angeles.

“It’s very clear, seniors and other drivers have noticed it,” said borough mayor Alan DeSousa. “It’s quite visible. You can see from the size of the sign, the size of the lettering, it’s evident. We’ve had very great community reaction to it so I think it’s going to be fun.”

DeSousa said he hopes Montreal will take the results of the pilot project and institute it throughout the city.

Montreal city hall is currently putting together an action plan aimed at making the city more friendly for senior citizens.