A popular NDG restaurant open since 1979 has shut its doors.

Last Friday some employees arrived to find they could not start their shifts a Serre Picasso, a 24-hour greasy spoon.

"So I came into work and the door was locked. I didn't get my pay, I didn't get an explanation, I didn't even get my shoes," said Richard Malouf, a cook at the restaurant commonly known as Picasso's

Some of the 90 full-time employees have not been paid in two and a half weeks.

Hungry potential customers arriving Wednesday morning were surprised to find the restaurant shut. Recently, they were cooking up to 40,000 eggs a week.

"It's been an amazing place," said Sharon Gauhan, a customer. "It's been good food, a place where everyone knows your name. Everyone used to come here after going out clubbing [or for] early morning breakfasts before work."

Peter Sergakis owns the building.

"People aren't working, and the people that are working they are worrying for tomorrow," said Sergakis. "They're holding onto their money. If they were going three times to eat in a restaurant, now they're going one or two times."

He is currently looking for another company to take over the restaurant, and hopes to find a replacement within a few weeks.