Reports of hate crimes have increased in Quebec.

Here’s a look at the number of hate crimes reported in the province in the past few years:

  • 2010: 198
  • 2011: 167
  • 2012: 175
  • 2013: 185
  • 2014: 257

The total number of hate crimes for 2015 has not yet been compiled.

That number is also rising in Montreal. Here is a look at the number of hate crimes reported in the last few years:

  • 2013: 87
  • 2014: 91
  • 2015: 113

Montreal police said a new Hate and Incident Crimes Unit opened in May is mandated specifically to deal with hate crimes.

Police say they are tackling the problem from the bottom up, trying to target those who may consider committing a hate crime before it becomes one.

Fady Dagher, assistant director of the Montreal police, said hate crimes targeting religious groups are not uncommon, but they also receive complaints of hate crimes against the LGBT community, as well as against races or ethnicities.

Dagher said the increase may not necessarily be due to more crimes – but rather, more people coming forward to report hate crimes.

“There is a higher number of complaints, but you have to understand, the more we are present in the community and the media and talking about it, more and more people are going to start talking about it and complain about it,” he said. “We went to the gay parade last Sunday, which last year we didn’t do, and many people came to talk to us. So more and more people are going to be talking about that, and maybe the increase is going to come from that. It doesn’t mean it’s happening (more), so we have to take the time to analyze inside the police department and then we’ll have the right picture at the end.”