Forty Syrian refugees arrived in Montreal this week to begin new lives in Canada.

Members of 12 families, their arrival in Canada was organized by Hay Doun, a group that has already brought more than 700 Syrian refugees here from the Middle East.

The organization has a sponsorship contract with the Quebec government, and through private donations has raised the money needed to bring people to Canada.

Many of the people arriving already have family here in Quebec, such as Nairy Mardiros. She has been working for months to bring her aunt and two cousins to Montreal, and they finally arrived Tuesday.

"I'm feeling really emotional right now and I'm sure once they come through the doors I'm going to burst into tears that's for sure," she said.

The trio fled Syria two years ago, eventually making their way to a Beirut, and then to Turkey.

"Their apartment had been attacked so they had to leave everything behind to Lebanon, Beirut for temporary refuge," said Mardiros.

Refugees that arrive in Canada receive continued support as they integrate. Narod Odabasiyan said Hay Doun helps people find everything from employment to winter clothing.

"Hay Doun organizes and mobilizes the community and partners to help each family who is arriving," said Odabasiyan.

As an organization definitely it is very rewarding to see that we are able to help at some level, the ones who could flee and find a safe haven in Canada.

The group's president., Nayiri Tavlian, has been at the airport to greet every group of refugees Hay Doun has assisted.

"I insist on coming every time because it connects you with their feelings," said Tavlian.

It took more than three hours for immigration agents to approve everyone's paperwork and allow travellers to walk through the doors of the airport into the arms of their sponsors.

26-year-old Maria Agop was exhausted, and relieved.

"I still can't believe it. It's like a dream or something," she said.

She is ready for a new beginning, but hopes it won't be too long before her friends and family who remain in Syria are able to join her.