Quebec is going all-in for electric vehicles.

Judging it's not enough to have electric cars on city streets and highways, the province is helping fund the development of electric buses and trucks.

Economic Development Minister Dominique Anglade announced Wednesday the province's Green Fund will funnel $8.6 million to five companies working on electrifying heavy vehicles.

Those companies are: Autobus Lion, TM4, AddEnergie Technologies, Solution Adetel and Alcoa, and they will cover the rest of the $17 million deemed necessary for the project.

Together they will build four prototypes: two buses, and two load-hauling trucks.

The project is in its very early stages and it's expected it will be at least three years before prototypes are operational and ready to be tested.

This is all part of the government's larger five-year action plan to have more electric transportation across the province.

Anglade said that 26 people will have jobs developing the prototypes, but that 1,500 will be working in this field over the next decade.