Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois says if the Charter of Values becomes law, the government will help those who would lose their public service jobs find new ones.

Marois was forced to address the issue of charter-related job losses once again Wednesday.

Her comments come after PQ candidate Evelyn Abitbol said Monday, at a debate at Vanier College, that a doctor wearing a kippa would lose their job a year after the charter was implemented.

On a radio show Wednesday morning, Marois said she didn’t “think it would be the case” that people would lose their jobs due to the Charter.

Host Paul Arcand pressed the premier on the issue, asking her point blank what the government would do if a public daycare employee refused to remove her hijab.

“Ultimately, we would help her to find a job elsewhere. We wouldn’t abandon her,” she said.

Marois reminded Arcand the proposed charter only applies to public, and not private sector employees, implying the government would likely point people who refuse to remove their ostentatious religious garb toward private sector jobs.

Later, flanked by her fellow candidates at an announcement about transit in Montreal, Marois repeated the government will do what it can to ensure no one will lose their job over the charter.

“We will work on this issue with different institutions, and we will try to (find) some solutions in those circumstances,” she said.