MONTREAL - It just keeps getting worse. The orange cone companies are producing them like rabbits on steroids.

Montreal is a city where it is so true; you can't get there from here.

I'm sure the closure of Pine Avenue came as a surprise to you. It did to me.

Try accessing the Royal Victoria Hospital these days.

Then, more misery with this big hole in the middle of downtown. It seems that there is a leaky water main that needs fixing under Ste-Catherine Street. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Added to this, the Champlain Bridge shut down two lanes for emergency repairs on Thursday.

You just have to wonder what is next.

So I was relieved to hear this week that Transport Quebec has decided to create a committee to coordinate traffic in Montreal.

What took them so long?

This whole approach to construction and traffic management in this city smacks of total improvisation.

I realize the Mercier mess was the icing on the cake. But plans should have been made, could have been made. I wish this committee well. But as the old saying goes, a camel looks like a horse that was planned by a committee.

Canada Post has to deliver

If I were running Canada Post, I would do everything within my power to get the mail going again and swiftly

So, why is there still a backlog of so much mail? Forty million letters waiting. Why is it trickling in to my mailbox and yours?

The union said rights from the get go that more overtime was needed.

What took Canada Post so long to approve at least some extra work?

The strike and lockout was a PR nightmare for the Post office.

Most people came to the realization that they could manage without it and like any product with a falling market share, you do what you can to keep your base and keep the customer satisfied.

It's a dog's world

Some stories just bring a smile to your face.

Pollux, the black lab mix was given up for dead. She had wandered away from Isabelle Robitaille's home in Pointe-aux-Trembles a year ago.

Pollux this week showed up in Kamloops BC, 4,500 kilometers from home.

A microchip allowed the local shelter to ID her.

And last night she arrived back in Montreal. What an incredible journey for this little hobo.

The big question of course is: how did Pollux get to BC? Only she knows, and she ain't talking.