MONTREAL - No name. No program. No prospects? Hardly.

This would-be 'generic' political party is beating the store brands and it's not even on the shelves yet.

A new poll finds a movement led by former Pequiste minister Francois Legault would get 30 percent of the vote, beating both the PQ and the Liberals.

I'm not a huge believer in surveys like this when people are asked hypothetical questions. It's almost like asking them if they prefer sunshine over rain, or chocolate over broccoli.

But this one is telling because it shows Quebecers are hungry.

Hungry for new leadership.

Hungry to put the question of sovereignty aside.

The Liberals under Jean Charest are a spent force.

Quebecers are unlikely to give them a 4th term in office. The damage has been done. Pauline Marois has never been able to gain traction. She and the Pequistes are the biggest losers if this new movement takes off.

But here's the thing. Quebecers are so desperate for something new, they say they would support a centre-right party. I'm not so sure about that.

Yes they want to shelve the tired old sovereignty debate and that's good news. It's stale now 15 years after the referendum. That dog just won't hunt. But most Quebecers still love their nanny state, still love all their social programs and subsidies. Les droits acquis. The acquired rights.

We need to wake up

The Montreal Economic Institute estimates that Quebec's debt increases by $22 million a day, or $253 per second.

Think about it.

Healthcare alone accounts for 45 percent of the entire budget and you know that's going to increase as the boomers age.

By the middle of the century in Quebec, it's predicted, there will be fewer than two workers for every retiree.

I, for one, welcome some new ideas, because the wolf really is at the door in this province. Anyone who steps forward and says the issue isn't federalism or sovereignty, but cutting spending and putting bread on the table would be so refreshing.

I'm not sure it's a message Quebecers really want to hear, but it's one they have to hear.

Rescuing Miners in Chile

Sometimes a story comes along that restores faith and that holds our attention like no other.

Words almost fail when talking about what happened in Chile this week.

On August 5th, 33 miners went to work. They never came back. Until this week.

Never have so many been trapped for so long. Never has the world held its breath quite like this.

In an increasingly complex and violent world where often there is too much sadness and darkness, 33 men came into the light this week.

We all were thankful. This touched the humanity in all of us. Who says there is no good news on TV?