I have a theory about the never-ending winter that descended upon Quebec this year.

Actually, it covers just about anything that goes wrong here, from our soaring jobless numbers , to potholes, and road construction and when the Habs go on a losing streak.

It’s those damn Ontario students.

And it must be true; Quebec’s highest ranking legal official said so.

"Will the Quebec election be stolen by people from Ontario and the rest of Canada?" asked Bertrand Saint-Arnaud on Sunday.

Yes, our Justice minister blamed Ontario students and les autres for stealing the Quebec election with echoes of 1995 when those Canadians travelled to Montreal to profess love for a united Canada.

Now when Quebec’s Chief Returning Officer told the Parti Quebecois they were full of hooey the issue went away as quickly as it surfaced.

But what remained was increased vigilance in voter registration meaning many qualified voters are being turned away.

When you start messing around with the integrity of the voting system you are in dark waters indeed.

But that’s the modus operandi of this gang. Winning is everything and desperate times call for desperate measures.

The campaign is turning mean and nasty and what are most disturbing are the leaks.

People in positions of public trust who should know better are divulging secrets for partisan purposes. Not only is it rotten. It’s illegal.

For the PQ to try to paint Couillard as a tax-avoider is almost criminal.

No one working aboard is required to pay Quebec taxes and the pequistes know this.

Do they expect a few loonies in their coffers every time Celine belts out My Heart Must Go On in Vegas?

The tactics have been shameful with a week to go. Much can still happen. The Parti Quebecor will find its friends in high places will help as much as they can.

Did you watch the TVA debate?

I loved it but it did remind me of something.

This one was a full frontal attack on Philippe Couillard. At one point the referee should have called a penalty for piling on.

Francois Legault, who many say won the debate, seemed like an angry man and to take a line from Bob Dylan When you ain't got nothing you got nothing to lose.

Madame Marois didn’t lose but she took her lumps too.

Francoise David once again came across as the nice neighbour next door who brings over chicken soup when you have a cold.

What does it mean? The hounds are loose.

The PQ will release its attack dogs and expect a week of painting Philippe Couillard as soft on language, identity and integrity.

I’m not sure the negative stuff will stick but it will be a nasty end to the campaign.

Couillard has to stay on message and move on from what wasn’t his best night.

The Liberals are still well positioned to win this thing but the Jell-O has not set.

It will be a week of name calling, half-truths and personal attacks in the ruthless strategy of winning at all costs.

Those out-of-town students should keep their heads down.