MONTREAL - Well, the world's most popular couple has descended on the colony.

In this age of celebrity worship, they are mega-rock stars.

They seem like lovely people who support many worthwhile charities and we should be happy to have them here.

There are 1,300 journalists accredited for this tour, 274 of them from overseas.

So our country will be in the global spotlight. That's good. We have a lot to show the world.

Those idiotic separatists who are planning demonstrations in Quebec will do themselves and their misguided cause more harm than good. But the bigger picture here is the monarchy itself.

It is becoming increasing irrelevant in my view.

Our next head of state should be Canadian. Not Charles or William after him but a Canadian.

I'm not too crazy about the fact that when new Canadians take their oaths of citizenship they are required to pledge allegiance to the head of a foreign power.

In a country such as ours, the notion of royalty and entitlement seems increasingly anachronistic; a concept from another time. From centuries ago the divine right of kings and so on; a life of privilege and the British class system.

A life where women are treated as second class citizens: succession in the British monarchy is a male-dominated right.

And of course our head of state cannot be a Roman Catholic, a Jew, a Muslim a Hindu or anything else.

There was a great line in the movie Kings Speech when George VI, described the royals as firm rather than a family

It is so true.

It is wonderful to have Kate and William here. And I really don't mind picking up the tab.

By royal standards, bringing a staff of seven with them is quite modest for their Celebrity Tour 2011.

But let's remember what it is.

For the diehard monarchists among us it will be an event for the ages, a revitalization of the Windsor brand.

But most of us will be left totally indifferent.

On this Canada Day holiday there is much to celebrate.

Although in Quebec, for many it's better known as Moving Day.

Yet there are positive signs that our federation is strong. Here in the distinct society, the PQ is in disarray, literally imploding.

The Bloc is finished.

It would be a mistake to think the majority is ready to fully embrace the entire Canadian experience. Four in 10 Quebecers say they are sovereignists, at least in their hearts, if not their wallets.

But putting aside some of the constant grievances from the past is a good sign and it bodes well for the future, it bodes well for our economy.

It's a sign that we can, and will, live together. It's a sign of maturity. After all, we are 144.

So Happy Canada Day. Bonne fete du Canada.