It has been nothing short of remarkable and really a victory for true citizen democracy.

The Tories made a huge mistake with their internet spying bill.

That's the legislation that would let police monitor your web history and email without a warrant, all in the guise of rooting out child pornographers.

It's a bill that uses a shotgun to kill a mosquito.

Toews deserves his humiliation

So in the past week, the tables have indeed been turned.

Canadians have used social media in the growing campaign against C-30.

Vic Toews wanted online surveillance and that's exactly what he got.

The Public Safety Minister makes Fred Flintstone look like a renaissance man. He says marriage is a cornerstone on which society has been built.

He espouses family values, yet he impregnates a young staffer and then seeks a divorce from his wife of 30 years.

In Canada, we have a tradition of not delving into the sordid details of the private lives of our politicians, but Toews asked for it. He decided to open the Pandora's Box.

It has since been open season on Twitter and Facebook.

Canadians are telling these Tories they will not accept this: Leave our hard drives alone.

I think Toews owes us an apology but I'm not holding my breath.

In the meantime, if you want to read my email Mr. Toews or Mr. Harper, get a warrant!

Dirty tricks

We also found out this week that the Tories may have been up to some dirty election tricks.

Elections Canada is investigating recorded calls made to voters last year on election day telling them false information that their polling stations had moved.

Guess where the calls came from: a firm that worked for the Tories.

This robo-calling scheme may eventually result in criminal charges.

The Prime Minister denies any official party involvement but something doesn't smell right.

The Tories may try to wrap themselves in the Canadian flag, but this feels like something their Republican cousins would be proud of.

Student strike will not succeed

Finally, a memo to striking students: give it up.

You will not win, and no one really cares about student strikes over fees.

Who do you think you are hurting? Yourself, that's who.

You are not winning any friends by closing bridges and blocking traffic.

Point 1: Quebec has and will continue to have among the lowest tuition fees in Canada. Fees were frozen for decades.

Point 2: The increases of $325 a year are responsible and will not break the banks of most students. iPhones cost more. And for some, perhaps getting a part time job might be something to consider. Furthermore studies show university access is not determined by tuition fees.

Point 3: Generous financial aid is available for those who truly need it.

Point 4: It would indeed be wonderful if we could afford to provide free university for all, and perhaps warm cookies at recess, but we cannot. Someone has to pay. And I am paying through the nose for everything in this semi-bankrupt province. I, like you, have no more to give.