Denis Coderre says his pit bull law is a matter of public safety but a judge this week gave him a clear signal to go back to the drawing board. 

You don’t have to like pit bulls to know that this is nanny state intrusion at its worst

I really wonder how long they considered this.

The demands put on dog owners from our mayor are too much and too intrusive .

Many people don’t even know what kind of mutt they have. Are city inspectors going to come knocking on doors and handing out tickets on the charge of suspicion of being a pit bull?

It would be like Montreal’s own version of Paw Patrol.

It is a serious issue and a serious response is needed instead of a knee-jerk reaction which resulted in a bylaw full of holes.

But our sometimes imperious mayor has acted this way before. One day banning all caleches and the next day changing his mind.  

My guess is that this lame attempt at fixing an apprehended problem will come back to bite because the mayor seems unwilling to move


Taxi industry not winning over public

Technology changes lives which is why there’s not much call these days  for blacksmiths or typewriter repairmen.

Case in point, the taxi industry here and everywhere is undergoing a radical transformation but taxi owners are digging in their heels.

Their antics this week in tying up traffic didn’t win them any warm and cuddly feelings from the public, but that really doesn’t matter.   A sea change is underway with Uber and it’s here to stay. Taxi owners have long been the benefactors of a tightly controlled underground economy and their protests and threats are tiring. The government should find a way, perhaps from an Uber tax, to buy out their permits. There are no acquired rights. It’s the new economy and their last stand.


PQ race spent too much time on the wrong issues

The PQ leadership race is over. It was a bitter affair and far too much time was spent on issues that no longer resonate with Quebecers, such as identity politics and the quest for a new nation.

An Angus Reid survey this week confirmed  there is no appetite for another referendum. 82 per cent of Quebecers agree that ultimately Quebec should stay in Canada. So when the latter day successors to Rene Lévesque are still wasting their time on the timing of the next date with destiny, all most of us hear is blah blah blah….


It appears the tide is turning in the U.S race

The Trump numbers have been going south since the debate and the almost unbelievable assertion that not paying taxes was a sign of genius not to mention his body shaming attacks and obsession with a former Miss Universe

In some ways this election is a referendum on gender.

Ultimately what may save America, I believe, from losing its mind and electing this adolescent misogynist racist bully, are women.  

Trump refers to women in terms I find so offensive I will not repeat but my guess is that come election day, in their wisdom, women voters will send him back to gutter where he belongs. He can live out his days by becoming an even angrier white man and not to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when for the first time in history the person in Oval Office will not be a man.