A new Angus Reid-La Presse poll released Monday finds Montrealers are losing faith in Mayor Gerald Tremblay.

Of those polled, 57 per cent said they are losing confidence in him; 56 per cent say they do not believe him when he talks about the water meter scandal and the SHDM problems; and 36 per cent say it's time for him to quit.

However, he is still ahead of his competition when it comes to popularity. If an election were held today, he would net 26 per cent of the vote. His main rival, head of the official opposition Benoit Labonte, would get 21 per cent of the vote.

Tremblay fiercely defends his position as a transparent, law-abiding city official.

"I did everything that was possible to make the information public," said Tremblay, with a note of agitation in his voice that has become characteristic in recent weeks when answering questions regarding either of the scandals. "If the information is public today it's because I made it public, or I made sure that it would become public. So once I've done that, I think that the police whatever they have to do, the auditor general will do what he has to do. But as far as I'm concerned, I want to concentrate all my energies on building the city."