The Olympic Park is testing some new shuttle buses – two little red rovers - around the site.

But what’s drawing everyone’s attention is not where they take visitors, but how.

A two-year pilot project will evaluate if the electric, autonomous vehicles can improve the tourist experience.

They’re adapted for wheelchairs and strollers, and operate on a route that’s pre-programmed.

“Basically, it’s a big computer on wheels,” explained Emile Cadieux, who works for Transdev.

The shuttles have enough room for 12. With on-board display screens, and a smooth ride, you soon forget there’s no chauffeur.

There is a human operator on board, but he’s there as a greeter, and to work out any kinks along the route.

The shuttles are manufactured in France, and travel at maximum speeds of 15 kilometers per hour.

If the pilot project is a success, 10 driverless shuttles may one day operate even in regular traffic around the Olympic Park.