The National Film Board is eliminating 73 jobs to deal with $6.7 million in funding cuts.

Viewing centres in Toronto and Montreal, including Cinema Robotheque on St. Denis St., will be closed.

"The cuts are 10 percent of our overall budget," said Ravida Din, executive producer for the NFB Quebec Centre.

The agency is trying to minimize the effect of the cuts on film production budgets, but cannot avoid having some effect.

"We have reduced our assistance to film makers, independent filmmakers, what people know as our 'FAT' program. There will also be a reduction in terms of supports to festivals in terms of grants and contributions," said Din.

Many critics say the NFB is insignificant, and cannot even say when they last saw an NFB-produced film.

Karen Cho says the NFB is responsible for her career.

"After film school, the National Film Board had a program for emerging filmmakers of colour, and it was because of the NFB that I had the opportunity to make one of my first documentary films," said Cho.

"The NFB makes films because they should be made not necessarily because of the bottom dollar."

The NFB has more than 2,000 films available for viewing at