Francoise David has been politically active in Quebec for the past quarter-century.

Long before she became co-leader of Quebec Solidaire, she was the president of the Quebec Federation of Women.

She is disappointed that the newly-elected Parti Quebecois government has already broken a promise to do away with the health tax.

"It was really a big engagement, and now they go back," said David.

"They don't listen to the voice of the population of the workers who will pay this year $200 each, each adult. For a family of two adults, that means $400, and the year after, for middle-class family, they will pay again that $400."

She also defended her party's left-wing plans for the economy, saying companies are hanging onto billions of dollars that the government could use.

"We can have taxes on the use of water in big enterprises. Yes, we can tax more the people who win a lot of money. So it's possible to have good social programs and not [go] bankrupt," said David.

For more with David, including why she feels it's possible to be both a federalist and a nationalist, watch the whole interview.