MONTREAL - U.S. Ambassador to Canada David Jacobson was in Montreal attending a conference at ICAO when he learned of the deadly attacks on the U.S. foreign service in Libya. The attacks killed four, including one former Montreal resident. 

He dropped in to CTV Montreal Wednesday to discuss the state of affairs in the world of American diplomacy.

"What many people don’t understand that as a per-capita, per-person basis it’s just as dangerous to work in the Foreign Service as the military,” said David Jacobson. “I am not a career foreign service officer, I came from the private sector. One of the things I learned in my three years in Canada is that all of the people in the foreign service, how every single day they are serving the American people and often under difficult, unsafe conditions.

"We do our best to protect our people. Our highest priority here in Canada and every embassy around the world, their highest priority is to protect their people. We do the best we can but we cannot be perfect," he said.

Please watch the accompany video to see the entire discussion.