Quebec’s CEGEP students are an anxious bunch and that can have negative effects on their mental health, according to a new study.

The survey, which was conducted by College de Bois de Boulogne, involved interviewing 12,000 students from eight CEGEPs. It found that more than 35 per cent of CEGEP students suffer from anxiety all the time and that 17 per cent suffer from some form of psychological stress.

According to the study, that stress can develop into depression, suicidal tendencies, panic attacks and the risk of dropping out.

“I think that’s reasonable, particularly at this age group,” said Kelly Ann Morel, a psychologist at Dawson College. “Because, really, up until this time when they go into CEGEP a lot of things are taken care of for them while they’re in high school and they’re younger. Then they come into CEGEP they’re much more responsible for their education. This is often the time they start working because they have expenses, they want to be able to spend money, they’re more social. This is a time when, because they have personal responsibilities they haven’t had before, they experience some anxiety.”

Morel added that she doesn’t believe this is a new problem but rather that the stigma over mental health issues has lessened so more teens are coming forward.