MONTREAL -- Montrealers anticipating a speedy cleanup of the recent snowfall, don't hold your breath. The city is anticipating a slower than normal removal with more white powder in the forecast.

Around 1,000 workers worked to clear Montreal's streets on Tuesday after the city was hit with 15 centimetres of snow. While snow loading operations are scheduled to begin early Wednesday morning, it's not expected to be finished for several days.

“It's going to be a long journey. We're not done with the snowstorm, so we will need a minimum of four days to complete the operation,” said city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin. “That being said, we're expecting another five centimetres, maybe 10 on Friday, so that will complexify the operation.”

It's been a year of heavy snow for the city, which seems likely to pass the average of about 200 centimetres.

Sabourin noted that Montrealers have gotten good at getting their cars out of the way when a snow removal operation is underway.

“Only 50 cars are being towed per hour, compared to the usual 75,” he said. “It's getting better, that's 30 per cent fewer cars being towed this winter thanks to Montrealers.”