A Montreal West resident has died after a skiing accident on Jay Peak, in northern Vermont.

According to police officers in Vermont, Bruce Charron lost a ski while going downhill on Sunday afternoon and ran into several trees.

The ski patrol brought him down the mountain however he died before he could be brought to hospital.

“Bruce was an excellent skier, a fabulous skier. He has a country house down in Jay and they’d go and ski every weekend. He did a lot of skiing,” said his friend Mark Zimmerman. “Unfortunately, the conditions were very icy.”

State police are still investigating the case and asking anyone who saw the incident to contact them at 802-334-8881.

Jay Peak is about 130 km southeast of Montreal.

Charron, 68, was the chairman and co-founder of the Andy Collins for Kids Foundation.

The charity group was created 22 years ago and raised funds, often through Rubber Duck drives, for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.

“Bruce did everything. Bruce encouraged the directors, Bruce led us, he coordinated with the foundation. Bruce always had the time to do whatever needed to be done for the foundation. He devoted a tremendous amount of time and he led us. His leadership was essential to having this organization be a success,” said Zimmerman.

“And in 22 years, the organization has given the foundation approximately $4 million,” he added.

Charron is survived by his wife, three children and his grandchildren.