MONTREAL -- Citing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, Montreal is shutting down its playgrounds.

The rule begins as of Sunday and applies to all the city's boroughs.

In a statement, the city said they will monitor the situation and reopen the playgrounds should the situation evolve.

The City of Laval shut down its playgrounds and chalets on Sunday.

“Access to parks is still permitted but citizens must respect instructions from the government of Quebec to respect a distance of two meters between people,” the city said in a statement.

A day earlier Premier Francois Legault said he would not close the province's public parks, saying people still needed to go outside for their physical and mental well-being. He stressed the importance of still engaging in social distancing and avoiding being within six feet of each other or congregating in busy areas like playgrounds.

Quebec's national parks and wildlife reserves were closed to the public as of Friday.