MONTREAL - Hospital emergency rooms in Montreal continue to be overcrowded, but there's one medical clinic that's actually looking for patients.

The Mont Carmel clinic says it doesn't understand why the CHUM hasn't been sending it patients for some emergency care.

Dr. Nacera Berkane and the other physician at the Mont Carmel clinic, located on Rene Levesque Blvd. near St. Andre, say half-empty waiting rooms are a common sight, and that when their clinic opened in September, they were treating just four patients a day.

"I had no patients and I needed to work," said Berkane.

Dr. Berkane asked the Hotel Dieu, Notre Dame, St. Luc and Montreal Children's hospital to send patients here way, but she was told that won't happen unless the clinic eventually opens during evenings and weekends.

For her part, Dr. Berkane says her clinic cannot afford to stay open later unless it gets more patients.

The CHUM says it will examine Dr. Berkane's proposal to send more patients to her clinic.

Until then, many who continue to go to the emergency room will have to wait.