A McGill management professor is leading students on a business field trip that will give them global experience.

Called the ‘Hot Cities’ tour, professor Karl Moore is taking students to emerging and developing countries to more about other economies.

“It's taking young people – we have 30 undergraduates – going to where the economy is really growing,” said Moore.

Beginning in 2007, in past years, students have visited India, Russia and South Africa. In these places, the goal is to learn, not lecture, said Moore.

“My generation, we typically fly in, business class, give a lecture how they should be more like us and then fly back home. And the great thing about this generation is it came from students. They want to give back,” he said.

“One of the key aspects is you get exposed to the business but also the political side, the political and social and cultural, because we'll be going to help a local charity,” said student Emma Knott.

This year's trip to Mongolia will include charitable work helping children attend school, for example, much like a previous experience in India.

But - the emphasis is on the changing economy of the country.

“I've never been to Asia and I've always wanted to explore Asia,” said student Joseph Polossifakis. “I know it’s an up-and-coming region.”

These students also say they have to keep broadening their horizons to remain competitive.

“Coming from Texas, I chose McGill because of Montreal and the great opportunities to learn from my peers in this environment, so this trip really reflects those kinds of principles,” said student Mia Bernhardt.

The student will study how products are marketed in Mongolia, meet with CEOs and ambassadors – and get to explore the beauty of the country and its culture.

“I think everything I see is going to be a good take-away to bring back home,” said Polossifakis.