MONTREAL - Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay denounced Public Security Minister Robert Dutil's decision to order an investigation of the anti-corruption unit into allegations of spying at the City of Montreal.

He made the comments in a late-afternoon press conference Wednesday.

Tremblay instead urged the creation of a public inquiry into corruption and collusion between the construction sector and Quebec municipalities.

Tremblay acknowledged that Comptroller General Peter Reid, who led the investigation into Lachine Mayor and council chairman Claude Dauphin, "may have exceeded his mandate."

However Tremblay claimed that any excess by Reid was done in good faith and in the best interests of the city.

Mr. Tremblay also said that he had investigated more allegations of irregularities than any other previous mayor.

Tremblay asserted that he is in full control and it was thanks to his leadership that the irregularities were uncovered.