One week after being the target of hateful comments on social media networks, Quebec hockey player Maxime Comtois has posted a response to the vitriol.

The captain of the Canadian team at the World Junior Hockey Championships missed a penalty shot in overtime, and the team was knocked out of the tournament.

Bullies then began posting hateful messages, including death threats, to Comtois's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

This week Comtois thanked his fellow players and everyone who sent him words of encouragement.

He added that cyberbullying is a constant threat, that no one should be subjected to it, and invited people who have been or are currently being bullied to talk about it because prevention is better than cure.

19-year-old Comtois was drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2017. The team announced this past Saturday that Comtois had played the tournament with a separated shoulder.