A riding that has been a Parti Quebecois stronghold for more than two decades now officially belongs to Quebec solidaire.

A judge rejected Friday a request from the Liberal party for a recount in the Sainte Marie – Saint Jacques riding.

Quebec solidaire candidate Manon Masse won the riding by just 91 votes. The PQ incumbent Daniel Breton came in third behind laywer and Liberal candidate Anna Klisko.

The Liberals asked for the recount, but the judge was not convinced that Klisko could prove that the returning officer had “unlawfully counted or rejected ballot papers or has drawn up an incorrect statement of votes,” which is necessary under the electoral act.

Upon hearing the news, Masse tweeted out that she was “really happy,” adding at the end “I have been elected!”

It was Masse’s fifth time running for election.

Her election brings Quebec solidaire's official seat total to three, up from the two they won in 2012.