The Liberal government was offering more money for health care Monday, promising $90 million for a new emergency room for the Lakeshore General Hospital.

Finance Minister Carlos Leitao said it’s an area where there is money to spend.

“We are past the point of no return, so we have reserved the funding in our 10 years, $100 billion investment program.

Health Minister Gaetan Barrette said the project has been on the government's radar and is now ready to invest in better care on the West Island.

“The worst case is seven years; the best case scenario is five years,” he said.

It's been a long fight for a new ER, said local MNA Geoffrey Kelley of the Jacques-Cartier district.

“Many other health facilities have been renovated in the past. This is our turn. It's something I think is long overdue,” he said.

Many doctors at the Lakeshore agreed, though some said they wonder how much politics plays a part.

This is the third recent event held predominately in English, prompting some to wonder if the Anglo vote isn't as secure as it has been in the past.

“Whether there is an election in five months or not, this is something that is very important to the West Island,” said Kelley.

“There is an election coming yes, but it is now that will have the ability to do so. Economic growth has been very strong over the last two years,” said Leitao.

Others say they've seen more cuts than giveaways by the party.

“Once again it's an investment in buildings and nothing for humans, so nothing for direct services and nothing for the workers that are already in distress,” said Josee Asselin, on the board of directors for the APTS, the union representing more than 2,000 health care workers on the West Island.

The group argues that the system is sick and a bigger, better emergency room only solves one problem.

“Here right now with a smaller establishment, how do we do it if we triple the size without anybody more to help?” she said.