Treasury Board President Pierre Moreau is asking the province's striking lawyers and notaries to return to the negotiating table - and return to work - after 14 weeks on strike.

As a cabinet meeting was underway inside, Quebec lawyers and notaries protested outside the National Assembly Wednesday, unhappy with the government's latest offer.

On strike since the end of October, it currently appears they are far from reaching an agreement with the government.

Lawyers and notaries are fighting for the same salary increases and working conditions as Crown prosecutors.

On Wednesday morning, Moreau said the government tabled an offer Tuesday that would give them the money they're demanding.

Jean Denis, LANEQ union president, claims that's untrue.

“This is really not the same. The offer for the Crown prosecutors is 10 per cent over four years, so 2.5 per cent per year. What he offered to us is not the same, because it’s over five years,” he said.

“The money offered is equivalent to what we agreed on with the Crown prosecutors,” said Moreau. When pressed about the union’s claims that that is false, he hardened, stating, “I’m sorry that they are saying that, but I will not fall into that kind of conversation.”

Moreau is asking the workers to return to their jobs as they sort out the particulars of the contracts.

Denis said his union members are prepared to continue to strike even when their strike funds run out.