The Quebec government says the province's infrastructure crisis will not derail plans to build a new, NHL-style hockey arena in the provincial capital.

A spokesman says reconsidering the Quebec City arena project is not on the government's radar.

The provincial government has pledged $200 million to the project, which is wildly popular in the vote-rich region of Quebec City.

The government says Quebec has the money to build the arena while repairing, maintaining and inspecting the crumbling road infrastructure in Montreal.

The city and the province are planning to split the cost of the estimated $400-million arena -- which will be built with the goal of attracting an NHL team back to Quebec City.

Talk of the new arena has been on the back-burner during the politically quiet summer months. In the meantime, another issue has jumped to the fore: fear about the safety of major structures around Montreal.

Outraged Quebecers have been calling for urgent repairs after a 25-ton concrete structure fell from the ceiling of a tunnel and onto a major Montreal expressway.

No one was injured in the latest incident of falling roadway concrete in the Montreal region, where sections of bridges and overpasses have been shut down due to safety concerns.