Premier Philippe Couillard had strong words for those who carried out the terror attacks in Paris Saturday.

“All democratic societies are at war and it didn't start yesterday. These people, these barbaric terrorists they want to destroy democracy. They hate democracy. They hate freedom. They hate freedom of speech. They hate political debate like we have here today,” he said.

Couillard was speaking at the Liberal Party's general council meeting, where much of the focus was on the terror attacks in Paris.

“It's important for political leaders to step forward, and leaders of civil society to step forward and say no to xenophobia, no to racism, yes to security, yes to war if we have to wage war to those terrorists, but keep our values intact. This is what they want to destroy and this is what we should never allow them to do,” Couillard said.

The colours of the French flag lit up centre stage as delegates stood for a moment of silence. La Marseillaise, France’s national anthem, followed.

The premier had to re-write his opening speech, which became a declaration of love to France from Quebec. Saturday evening, the death toll in the attacks was now up to 129, with more than 350 injured.

“It's very sad. When we look at the television and we see the situation in Paris, it's terrible,” said Minister of International Relations Christine St-Pierre.

The deadly attacks have left other western countries in shock and on edge.

“So far, we here in Quebec and in Canada have information that there's no elevated threat since the sad events that occurred in Paris,” said Pierre Moreau, interim minister of public security.

Public sector workers were hoping to send a message to the Liberals with a protest outside of the convention centre, but their anti-austerity message was overshadowed by the terror attacks.

Later in the day, Couillard attended a vigil in Quebec City for the victims of the attacks.