A 17-year-old girl remains in critical but stable condition in hospital after she was struck by a commuter train in Pierrefonds Tuesday afternoon.

The girl was trying to cross the tracks on the platform at the Roxboro-Pierrefonds station on Tuesday afternoon when she was hit by a train and dragged about 15 metres.

After conducting an investigation, police say nothing criminal took place and it was an unfortunate accident.

Police say the teenager was on the north side of the platform, and was trying to catch a train downtown on the other side when she was struck by a train heading west.

Witnesses said the girl fell between the platform and the tracks. They believe she never saw the train coming.

On Wednesday morning doctors said she was in serious but stable condition with injuries to her head and lower body.

Stephenie Denault lives near the train station, and saw ambulances at the station Tuesday.

She said she often sees people risking their lives trying to cross the tracks, sometimes unwittingly.

"I'm not surprised unfortunately. My father was a volunteer fireman and I've often seen people do things somewhat recklessly, here especially," said Deneault.

"Oftentimes what ends up happening is they think they have plenty of time to cross in front of a train, or sometimes not even paying attention, like pedestrians on the street looking at their phone."

The RTM, which runs commuter trains in the Montreal area, stopped service on the Deux Montagnes line for several hours.

The transit agency said it will analyze the police report once it is complete and then decide if it needs to make changes to its operations or the Roxboro-Pierrefonds station.