Former Montreal police chief Jacques Duchesneau will head an anti-collusion unit aimed at preventing corruption in the construction industry, Quebec Transport Minister Julie Boulet announced Tuesday.

Boulet said that if Duchesneau uncovers any illegal practices, he will report the information to authorities.

The government plans to spend more than $4-billion on roadwork this construction season, and Duchesneau said it's necessary to keep a close eye on contracts.

"We need to put preventive measures in place like it's been done in other countries," he said.

"We just want to make sure that everybody has a chance to bid on contracts," he added.

The government denied that roadwork costs more in Quebec than in other provinces, or that collusion plays a part in the price tag on projects.

"There's no proof anywhere that there was collusion, but we put some things on the table and we want to make sure in the future that that money is well spent," said junior transport minister Norman MacMillan.

Construction will be taking place this summer on a number of major roadways including the Turcot Interchange, the Dorval Circle, the Decarie Expressway and the Charles de Gaulle Bridge.