Four mayoral candidates hold the first municipal electoral debate Friday evening in Montreal.

Richard Bergeron, Denis Coderre, Marcel Coté and Melanie Joly are expected to match wits and trade barbs in an event at UQAM hosted by the Institute for the Nouveau Monde.

There are other candidates for mayor in Montreal, some of whom are quite upset about not being invited to attend this debate.

Noted sovereignist and anti-English crusader Michel Brulé is one of those mayoral candidates who was not invited.

He submitted a legal letter demanding the right to participate in the debate, but the INM refused saying there has to be a limit in the number of debating candidates in order to avoid chaos.

Brulé admits that his candidacy is a longshot in part because of his views that English culture is ugly and intolerant.

Candidates for mayor have until October 4 to submit their official paperwork for the November municipal election.