Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard says he'll consider going to court to block or delay the adoption of a new NAFTA if the deal is unsatisfactory to Quebec farmers.

Couillard said in Montreal today the province won't accept an agreement that doesn't meet the approval of dairy producers, who are against dismantling of the supply management system that regulates the price of dairy, eggs and poultry.

He says he won't present any deal to the legislature that the agricultural sector opposes.

But while he's willing to take legal action if necessary, Couillard added that so far he has received no indications the Trudeau government is planning to bend to American demands.

On Tuesday, former prime minister Brian Mulroney said he didn't see how Canada can reach a deal without some flexibility on supply management.

CAQ calls for better care for children with developmental disorders

Quebec's babies should be systematically screened for neurodevelopmental disorders, according to Coalition Avenir Quebec leader Francois Legault, so they can receive better care from birth. 

Legault laid out his plans in L'Assomption on Wednesday, accompanied by candidate Lionel Carmant, a neuropediatrician who specializes in neurodevelopmental disorders. 

The plan would include "guaranteed access" to a family doctor or a pediatrician for newborns. 

In addition, children whose family, day care, nurse or doctor suspect suffers from a developmental disorder would be redirected to a CLSC for follow up. 

The party also proposed that each of Quebec's health and social services centres and integrated university centres for health and social services have teams trained to specialize in developmental disorders.

The CAQ estimated this plan would cost $40 million per year.