MONTREAL - An upcoming project to build a train overpass in Notre-Dame-de-Grace isn't taking into account a future plan to improve service to the West Island, say critics.

The Decarie Blvd. overpass is a $16-million aimed at bringing service to a third track that is currently unusable.

"The MUHC is going to be opening in 2014, so it's very important that we go forward and we build the necessary infrastructure in order to be ready for the arrival of the MUHC hospital," explained Montreal executive committee member Michael Applebaum.

The work seems shortsighted, said NDG city councillor Peter McQueen, because it could be torn down in a few years for the Train de l'Ouest project.

That $874-million project would require a fourth track at the Decarie overpass.

"They'd rather give the contract for three tracks, and then there's the AMT saying that in its long-range planning it wants four tracks, so clearly there's a problem there," said McQueen.

The AMT says it would be premature reconstruct the overpass with four tracks now to accommodate a project that hasn't even been finalized yet.

A $22-million study is ongoing to determine the best way to execute the Train de l'Ouest project.

Meantime, the Train de l'Ouest project is set to go through, said Kirkland Mayor John Meaney.

"In Quebec City now, there's a dedicated amount of money, and it's on a piece of paper," said Meaney.