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opinion | Find out how much contribution room is left in your RESP to avoid penalties

Opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a great way to fund your child’s future education. Personal finance contributor Christopher Liew outlines the contribution rules for RESPs and explains how to find out how much contribution room you have left so that you can avoid penalties.


opinion | Is it a good time to buy a new vehicle?

If you're like many would-be vehicle shoppers, you may be wondering when prices will finally drop. The good news is that the vehicle market seems to be finally stabilizing, says personal finance contributor Christopher Liew.


opinion | How to get the most out of your grocery rebate

Personal finance contributor Christoper Liew shares the latest information about who’s eligible for the grocery rebate, when they can expect their payments, and some helpful tips on making the most of your grocery rebate.


opinion | Dos and don'ts of money while travelling

As a former financial advisor, I’ve always been fascinated by how the 'culture' around money differs from one region of the world to another,' writes personal finance commentator Christopher Liew. 'Today, I’ll outline some of the interesting money habits that I’ve noticed while travelling the globe, starting with some of our own!'

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These 23 municipalities are taking Quebec to court over Bill 96

The coalition of 23 Quebec municipalities are challenging the French-language law (Bill 96) on the following points: contracts and communication, the obligation to adopt resolution to maintain bilingual status, illegal searches and seizures, government grants and the obligation to discipline employees.

Montreal SPCA defends tenant being evicted for having a pet

On Wednesday, the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) filed a writ of intervention with the housing tribunal (TAL) to plead in favour of two tenants opposing the clause in their lease prohibiting them from owning animals in their dwelling. Top Stories