Denis Coderre wants a do-over.

The Mayor of Montreal was not impressed by protesting police officers disrupting the debut light show on the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

During the illumination performance, off-duty police officers banged drums, blew horns, and also projected a police union logo on structures near the bridge.

Coderre was not impressed.

"There's thousands of people who couldn't watch the show because of all the noises and all that. If they were trying to make me miss the show, I didn't miss it, but you have people who were waiting for hours there," said the Mayor.

Now, for all those party-goers caught up in the protest, Coderre said the inaugural show should be repeated, complete with orchestral arrangements and fireworks.

He doesn't think it would add much to the $40 million budgeted to have lights displayed on the bridge for the next decade.

"I don't think it's a matter of cost because it's always there. Maybe some fireworks, same music, and that lighting show is there for the next ten years," said Coderre.

The opposition is not impressed, saying Montreal's anniversary only comes around once a year.

Although Projet Montreal did cheekily suggest throwing a big party for Montreal's 376th birthday.