MONTREAL - One of the city’s most thorough veteran investigative journalists has surprised many by announcing that he’s quitting the reporting business.

But Andre Noel isn’t abandoning his mission of fighting corruption and malfeasance, in fact he’s stepping up his efforts as a newly-minted member of the Charbonneau Commission on corruption in the construction industry.

Indeed it was his thorough investigations, along with those of Alain Gravel at Radio-Canada, that are seen to have forced the Charest government to call the commission.

Noel explained his career move to CTV Montreal.

“The public interest is served by reporters but can be served by other means also. I'm just trying by other means,” he said.

And while the pen might be mightier than the sword, the a government commission is aparently mightier than both.

“The means we have as reporters are limited and the commission has huge powers and can oblige people to meet investigators,” explained Noel.

The 59-year-old award-winning journalist handed in his resignation to La Presse effective immediately upon the invitation from Justice France Charbonneau.

Veteran Montreal Gazette journalist Henry Aubin is one of many who hold Noel is high-esteem.

“He's certainly one of the best investigative reporters in Canada, if not North America,” said Aubin. “With Noel there, you're guaranteed that it's going to follow on things right to the end. He's not going to shy away.”