For 35 years Face à Face has helped tens of thousands of people by providing a place to talk and giving the homeless a fixed address.

But now the non-profit organization is wondering how it will proceed since its main donor has said it will no longer be giving Face à Face any money.

In December Centraide informed Face à Face it would cease its annual $119,000 funding as of March 31, 2017.

That is more than half of the charity's budget.

On Tuesday evening the charity's administration will meet to figure out how to maintain operations and cope with its funding deficit.

Director Grace Fontes said she is considering moving the organization to a location with cheaper rent.

"We need a new place. We need a new place to house us. We need somebody to help us take us in," said Fontes.

She expects moving will cause some distress to their clients.

"They need stability. They need to go to a place where they know their mail is going to come in whether it's a cheque, whether it's an ID, whether it's a letter from someone," said Fontes.

Guy Dufour is one of those people.

He has been using Face à Face's services for nearly seven years, and doesn't know what he would do without it.

"They listen. They help you. They give you moral support," said Dufour.

Centraide director Lyne Harris said the decision to cut Face à Face's funding was a tough decision to make, but was necessary.

"Donations are down, definitely, definitely. For many of us, not only for Centraide," said Harris.

She said the decision to stop funding Face à Face was due in part to other organizations doing similar work.

"In the same sector we have an investment in 20 different agencies so we do look at working in partnership with others in the same territory, and actually they were a bit weak within that aspect of their work," said Harris.

Those wishing to make a donation to Face à Face, or to see what services it offers, can visit its website at