The barter system is back in a big way for members of a Montreal trading group.

The Montreal edition Bunz Trading Zone was started on Facebook by Maryanna Hardy two summers ago, mimicking a group that had previously been founded in Toronto. Since then, the idea has taken off, with members posting what they have to trade and what they want in return.

The only rules are nothing illegal is permitted and no cash allowed.

“Everybody has a few things around their house that they aren’t using,” said Hardy. “They don’t want to throw it out, they probably can’t sell it, but they know it could go to good use.”

The system isn’t limited to goods. Services like pet-sitting or language lessons can net a tidy, non-monetary return. For instance, Naakita Feldman is working on an art project about Bunz in which she compiles seven hours worth of footage of conversations with people she’s met through the group. Every conversation was done as part of a trade.

“In exchange, I’ve traded tea, I’ve traded records, video editing lessons, papers to be edited,” she said.

Bunz Trading Zone has grown to over 3,000 members in Montreal and work is being done to develop a mobile app which should be available by next summer.