While the CAQ is determined to move forward quickly to deliver on its campaign promises, the opposition parties said Friday they were not happy with the steps taken.

Speaking on behalf of Premier Francois Legault, who was at the first ministers’ meeting in Montreal, Deputy Premier Genevieve Guilbault said Quebecers are tired of broken promises and expect this government to deliver.

Both the Parti Quebecois and Quebec Solidaire said that Premier Francois Legault was moving too fast in fulfilling his campaign promises.

During the short fall session the CAQ government introduced legislation to raise the legal age to buy marijuana to 21 and to harmonize school taxes across Quebec, while cutting back its immigration target by 10,000 people. It also delivered an economic update, including some tax credits for families and seniors.

“We tabled three bills in less than two weeks, so I think it says a lot about our willingness to go ahead with our engagements and to do what we have been elected for,” said Guilbault. “

Both the PQ and the Liberals have criticized the cannabis legislation, saying the CAQ is ignoring experts saying that raising the legal age to buy marijuana will only drive teens towards to black market.

Interim PQ leader Pascal Berubé said the bills were being introduced too quickly, and without consultation.

"They're elected by less than 40 per cent of the population so it's always good to have consensus and then when we pass the bill. It's the best we can have," said Berubé.

Legault has stated that with a majority of seats in the National Assembly, he has a strong mandate from Quebec voters.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of the third opposition party, Quebec Solidaire, said that it has had influence on the CAQ by forcing it to look at climate change.

"By making climate change the priority during our campaign and seeing the significant gains that we did during that campaign, it was a signal to all political parties in Quebec that in 2018 you cannot do politics without putting climate change at the heart of your agenda," said Nadeau-Dubois.

The CAQ has pledged to take steps during its first mandate to take care of the environment, and during the first ministers' meeting Legault said he wanted to limit oil use in Quebec.