MONTREAL -- Canadian Jason Baines has set a new world record, performing 161 caber tosses in one hour at the 45th annual Montreal Highland Games on Sunday.

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish event that sees competitors toss a large tapered pole.

It is typically made from a Larch tree and can be 16 to 20 feet tall, weighing between 90 and 150 pounds.

“There's nothing more fun than putting a skirt on, going out on a field with people watching you and then maybe getting a nip of whisky afterwards,” Baines told CTV News ahead of his world record attempt.

To practice for the event, Baines, who lives in Hawkesbury, Ont., made his own cabers from logs found on land he owns.

His goal was to flip a caber more than 122 times in one hour -- he beat it by 39 flips.

On his off days, Baines works in a factory that makes and distributes lock nuts for rail wheels.

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-- with files from CTV News' Billy Shields and Adam Kovac.