One hundred years ago, the first powered airplane flew in Canada.

The Silver Dart flew just under a kilometre in Baddeck, Nova Scotia on February 23, 1909.

A replica of that plane is currently on a cross-country tour, and on July 20 the Silver Dart will touch down at the St. Hubert airport.

Meanwhile, an old stone barn on the grounds of McGill's McDonald campus in Ste. Anne de Bellevue is home to the new Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre.

Godfrey Pasmore has spent a decade convincing the school to turn the building into a museum, and with the help of an army of volunteers, his dream is finally coming true.

"We were really way behind across Canada and the question was for goodness sakes, we've been building aircraft here and it's about time," said Pasmore.

Pasmore has always been fascinated by flying machines. His father Hubert was a pilot and president of the Fairchild company of Longueuil, one of the biggest aviation companies in the country during World War II.

Originally he just wanted a place to hang up his collection of aviation art, but the project grew, and now he's eager to share his love of aviation history.

The manager of the new museum, Eric Campbell, says the project would not have happened without Pasmore's passion.

"Godfrey's vision of an aviation museum in Montreal is the only one. We're the biggest and the best because nobody else has seen the patience or the money or the drive to see it through," said Campbell.

Now Pasmore and his friends hope their work will propel others to support and share their fascination with flight.