MONTREAL - The Bixi season is rolling to a close.

After midnight Tuesday riders will no longer be able to take a bike out of one of the hundreds of stations across the city, although they will still be able to return them.

On Wednesday crews will remove the bicycles and dismantle the locking stations, and give all the bikes a once-over for the winter, while this Friday Bixi president Roger Plamondon will make his last public statement as head of the company.

Last week Plamondon announced he was resigning as the head of the Public Bike System Company, the corporation which oversees Bixi.

Earlier this year Plamondon said the company was having financial problems, despite receiving $108 million in loans and guarantees from the City of Montreal, in part because of a rapid expansion to London, Melbourne, four American cities, Toronto and Ottawa.

Bixis are scheduled to return to the streets of Montreal on April 15, 2012 for their fourth season.