Montreal's newest sign winter is just around the corner? BIXI stands are beginning to be hauled away.

After more than a million rides, the bike-sharing program's inaugural season officially comes to an end Sunday.

As of Nov. 15, most of the company's 5,000 bikes and 400 stations will be removed for the winter, the same day bike paths close.

It's not completely over yet, though - a few BIXI stands will remain operational until Nov. 30, when the bikes can no longer be rented.

The reason many of the stands will be removed Sunday is because Nov,. 15 is also when the city of Montreal begins preparing for its snow-removal operations. Since many BIXI stands are located directly on street level, they must be removed to provide snow trucks access to the street.

BIXI's 10,000 members are being advised to keep their keys for the 2010 season. Lost or damaged cards will cost $5 to replace next spring.

Launched in spring 2009, the BIXI system has already received several awards, including best new product in the energy and sustainability category of the 2009 edition of the Edison Best New Products Awards, and earned bronze in the transportation category of the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). It also place 19th on Time magazine's list of the best inventions of 2008.

For a real-time map of how many bikes remain at each BIXI station, click here