MONTREAL—Fire tore through the offices of an asphalt company in Anjou on Friday morning in what firefighters describe as a clear case of arson.

A witness close to Pavage C.S.F.’s office called emergency services at around 3:00 a.m. after they heard glass break and saw flames jump from the two-storey building at 11101 Mirabeau St.

According to fire department spokesman Martin Farmer, first responders found flammable liquids in the building’s front office. A window was broken and firefighters believe the liquid was poured into the office and set on fire by three flares.

Anthony Cantelmi from the Montreal police told CTV Montreal that canisters for flammable liquids were found nearby.

The flames were quickly doused and the building was never at risk of combustion as the walls are made out of corrugated steel. Despite the building’s inflammable construction, damage to the roof and all floors was substantial.

The paving company has been responsible for building and refurbishing most of Montreal’s sidewalks.

No one was inside the building at the time, the Montreal police are considering it a case of arson. Detectives will be examining the crime scene on Friday and interviewing any witnesses.