McGill's Faculty of Medicine is no longer on probation.

The school was warned two years ago of its change in status because it failed to meet 24 of the 132 standards necessary for accreditation of medical professionals.

For the past two years a committee of staff, teachers, and students have worked hard to make sure that everything being taught as part of the new curriculum was consistent, and that procedures were always being followed.

That work paid off on June 12, when the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) restored McGill's accreditation.

Read the letter from Dean David Eidelman

The missed standards were mostly related to the new curriculum for medical students that McGill implemented in the fall of 2013, including unclear definitions of diversity and differences in teaching times at different hospitals.

Throughout the probation process the school has pointed out that the material being taught was never at issue -- and that most of the problems were with how the program was being administered.

McGill's most recent medical students graduated on May 30, and will begin working in hospitals across Quebec, Canada, and elsewhere on July 1.