MONTREAL -- A Montreal man has broken the world record for the greatest number of burpees performed in a 12-hour span.

Samuel Finn on Friday blew past the world record of 5010 burpees, doing 5234.

He was raising money in memory of his brother, Cedric, who died of a rare form of cancer at age 27.

A burpee is a particularly exhausting form of exercise, Finn told CTV News earlier this week. It consists of a plank, a push-up and a deep squat jump. The activity is intense when performed repetitively, and painful--that's why he chose it.

"Ced went through a lot of pain while he was fighting cancer, and even though he was suffering so much, he was always extremely positive, he was always thinking about other people even though it was himself that was suffering. So I wanted to pick something that would be really suffering for me, to show that we can do much more than we think, even though we are going through hard times," Finn explained.

In October, a US Marine from Michigan did 5010 burpees in 12 hours, setting a new world record.