MONTREAL- 18-year-old Jordan Tyrrell is one of the most explosive Cegep-level basketball players in Montreal.

He got involved in the game when he was just five years old and tagged along to watch his dad coach.

"He went in, just picked up a ball and would start shooting around," said Joel Tyrrell. "That's how he became interested in basketball and he never stopped since then."

Keenly observing a budding talent, Joel kept his son playing, and practicing basic skills.

"He had me dribbling zigzags on the street. Just two dribbles, cross-over, two dribbles, cross-over. Then he had me doing lay-ups and stuff," sad Jordan.

13 years of training has paid off. Jordan now plays for the John Abbott Islanders, and his mix of scoring, passing and defensive capabilities earned him the school's Rookie of the Year award.

Jordan was honoured not just for his individual skills but as his coach David King points out, for what he brings to the team.

"People lean on him," said King. "He is able to push the guys, 'cause they see how hard he's working so it's just easy for them to work just as hard as he does."

His teammates agree.

"He'll give you good advice and he is really someone that you would want to follow his footsteps," said Quesly Noresles.

Like many young men Jordan's dream is to play professionally.

"I get a real adrenaline rush, even if I'm just shooting outside. I'm the type of person that I want to better myself everyday," said Jordan.

And his all-Canadian humility means he's not looking exclusively to the NBA.

"I could play in Europe, Asia, anywhere. I just want to play professional, somewhere."

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